In a written response to US security proposals, Russia told the US that their proposals were not constructive and ignored Moscow’s key concerns, according to Reuters. Russia’s original security proposals were intended as a complete package and not for the US to pick and choose from. US proposals raise doubts that Washington is committed to fixing the security situation in Europe, Russia continued. Russia added that growing US and NATO military activity is alarming and Russia’s red lines are still being ignored.

Moreover, US ultimatums for Russia to remove troops from parts of Russia’s own territory accompanied by sanction threats are unacceptable and undermine the chances of reaching an agreement. Finally, Russia warned that it would be forced to respond, including by implementing military tactical measures in the absence of negotiating any new, legally binding security guarantees.  

Market Reaction

The latest run of Russia/Ukraine/NATO headlines, which suggest more violence in Eastern Ukraine and worsening tensions, are weighing on sentiment, with the S&P 500 now trading more than 1.0% lower on the day. 

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